Reviewing Uncharted 3's story

Uncharted 3 earned praise as an interactive movie, but nobody's really judged it based solely on how good that movie is. Until now.

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Lifeequals422444d ago

The interactive movie parts are where the game truly shines. Just don't ask me to play it.

vilatimir2444d ago

I enjoy these stories a lot

THR1LLHOUSE2444d ago

Very cool.

Reminds me of one of the bonuses in MGS3: Subsistence. I think it was the LE only, but it came with a disc of the game's cutscenes (and some gameplay) cut into a full movie. Not many games can pull something like that off.

SybaRat2444d ago

Charlie Tucker is TEH AWESUM!

Silly gameAr2444d ago

You mean Cutter? Yeah, I liked him too.

SybaRat2444d ago

Er...yeah, him too. :P

Michael-Jackson2444d ago

It's better than most stories in videogames.

Sugreev20012444d ago

I'd say it's better than 99% of game stories.When you add memorable characters,dialogs and VO,then the series becomes the one to beat.

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