Rumor: First MW3 DLC Coming in January writes, "There’s a little game called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that you’re either playing, or someone on your online list of friends is definitely enjoying. While most gamers on Modern Warfare 3 are tearing through the campaign and multiplayer maps, the question of downloadable content is soon to be, or may already be, fresh on their minds."

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Majin-vegeta2353d ago

4 maps??So now your getting less for your money??*Facepalm*

SoapShoes2353d ago

I know! COD always has overpriced DLC.

Heartnet2353d ago

Chill dude only a rumour :) and says there playable in spec ops aswell so in a way its like 8 maps ! :L a

nd no word on pricing yet but i wouldnt be surprised if Activision upped the price to get people using Elite Premium though

Pixel_Enemy2353d ago

Yeah they charge like $15 for a map pack, it is so wrong. Usually they are maps from previous games too...

Black OPS has 4 map packs each at $14.99 making it a $60 game with $60 of map packs, then a new $60 COD comes out, not to mention COD Elite for $50 if you want it. They continue to suck money from consumers and put little effort into their products.

Raptura2353d ago

There's A LOT of people who buy all the map packs. Elite is not a bad deal. You pay 50 bucks, you get all the maps plus the Elite features. All that instead of 60+ dollars for maps alone. So, if you're really into COD and you plan on getting all the maps, Activision made it's easier on you.

Pixel_Enemy2353d ago

Yeah I see what you mean about Elite. But many companies like Dice for instance, have online services like Battlelog that are free and the first map pack is also free with the purchase of the game. COD just does not do things for free what so ever. It is Activision's fault

Heartnet2353d ago

Elite is free :) has optional paid for services and compared to battle log and free version of elite the features are the same.. and the map pack is only free with the game is just an incentive to buy it new and not preowned...

Least Activision arnt doing online passes thank god :L

princejb1342353d ago

4 to 5 maps, and i would like to see some popular mw2 maps included as a extra bonus please, such as high-rise and scrapyard

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CoryHG2353d ago

Activision is famous for $60 map packs. Be thankful this one is only $14.99

Raptura2353d ago

What? The total is $60 for the 4 packs. One map back is $15 x 4 = $60.

Heartnet2353d ago

but this one is $14.99 thats a saving there if ive seen one :)

cpayne932353d ago

He meant the actual full games are 60 dollar map packs bro.

GoldenGamer2353d ago

Raptura doesn't get it obviously.

Raptura2352d ago

I'm 12 years old and what is this?

TheDivine2353d ago

Kinda figured they would have a mappack at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and a new cod in 12 months.