Game of Thrones Action RPG Box Art, Screenshots, and Interview

Atlus has provided GameBanshee with the official Game of Thrones box artwork and four new screenshots to go along with their previous interview with Cyanide's Thomas Veauclin.

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TrevorPhillips2445d ago

Why need this when you have Skyrim. Basically the same

Picked up my copy of Skyrim today :D

Drazz2445d ago

Why can't I have both, getting my copy tonight.

Nuclearwinter2445d ago

The same? I bought Skyrim like everyone else should, but I would kill for a major GoT game.

Eamon2445d ago

Made by Atlus?!?! Interesting.

aPerson2445d ago

Early 2012? We've had no info and no screenshots until now. Not a good sign...

Hopefully I'm wrong.