Mass Effect 3 on PC requires one-time Internet connection; no local co-op

Will ME3 require an internet connection for each launching of the SP game, or will it retain ME2′s single verification method?

Mass Effect 3 PC will require the internet connection when you initially launch and authorize it but then you will no longer require the connection.

Will local co-op be supported? (ie local split screen, PC-LAN)

At the time of release, no. However it is definitely on the table as something we might add

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Godmars2902357d ago

Would say its kind of odd that Bioware isn't offering local co-op or split screen on PC or consoles, but with all the BS they're spewing in general just to cover the addition of multiplayer I can see why they'd be too busy... :/

Charmers2357d ago

They still haven't answered the REAL question that PC gamers want answering though. That question is "will Origin be required for Mass Effect 3 ?". The fact Bioware keeps stalling and making excuses about not answering this question leads me to believe it will require Origin.

As for Co-op I couldn't care less about any aspect of the shoe horned in "herp derp we want the COD crowd to buy this game" multiplayer.

limewax2357d ago

It is needed. It even utilises Origin on consoles confirmed via the leaked 360 build

Charmers2357d ago

No it is NOT needed, I did not need to install Origin for Mass Effect 1, nor did I need to install Origin for Mass Effect 2 so I see no reason why all of a sudden "it is needed" for me to play Mass Effect 3.

BTW Origin is NOT utilised on the consoles. What you saw in the leaked beta was the need to sign in with your EA account which has been renamed as an "origin" account.

Raf1k12357d ago

@Charmers, the same could have been said about Battlefield 3 and the fact that BF:BC2 did not require Origin. The fact is EA is pushing Origin and Mass Effect 3 is a good way of getting more people using it and in turn making it more appealing for other publishers to have their games on it too.

ninjahunter2357d ago

Lol, origin is such a terrible service, if the make people use it their going to stop buying EA games.
Well its not that terrible
(even though the overlay can make games crash *battlefield*)

x8002357d ago

if it comes with origin the game could kiss my arse goodbye.
and why do we need internet connect just to play the sp? game will get cracked 1st day and it will require nothing but a pc to run it.

ninjahunter2357d ago

You dont need it to play, you just need it the first time you play to 'activate' it. And if its like ME2 and persistent you can just turn off the EA login.