BF3 – Private Servers on Consoles? Server Slot Reservation on PC, and Dealing With Cheaters

MP1st - "DICE took a step in the right direction when adding server browser functionality to the console version of Battlefield 3. However, one thing that is still left to be desired is the ability to create private matches."

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Hufandpuf2295d ago

Another great report, thanks MP1st! DICE is really getting things done and that's commendable.

Mister_V2295d ago

The pleasure is all ours! I too am really happy to see DICE hard at work on these things.

deadpoole2295d ago

i wanna play maps using ... side arm only and aim assist off ... this will be sooo awesome.

Majin-vegeta2295d ago

Private servers on consoles??Yes please cuz i suck at flying vehicles so i wanna practice without causing my teammates loss of tickets when i crash sorry guys:/.

Mister_V2295d ago

Totally get what your saying. I could have saved my team lots of trouble by being able to practice my piloting skills in a private server haha.

Brixxer6002295d ago

In the meantime playing co-op mission 2 with a friend is a great way to learn how to fly the choppers. At least it doesn't cost your team tickets , just means restarting the mission....................... ...a lot . lol

eak32294d ago

lol agree totally. I get mad when I try and take a copter out for a practice run to see my squad spawn into. I almost always end up upside down into the side of a building.

Criminal2295d ago

Private servers will be great for jet and chopper training. I hope they'll implement them.

Detoxx2295d ago

who is disagreeing all the time?

Mister_V2295d ago

I believe we have an ever-elusive troll in our midsts.

rowdyBOY2295d ago

"care package is up !!!!"

"our U.A.V is online !!!?

eak32294d ago

some random asshole for sure.

finbars752295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

Cheaters I could of told you that.Look at the number one players in the world on both consoles and PC.You can say what you want but I have played against the number one person on the ps3 and the xbox and I can tell you one thing is for sure there's no way there SPM are at 7000 when every game I have played against them with my squad and I completely demolished him many games straight with him barely scoring 3000 SPM same with there K/D.I just don't get these high scores period not possible and bogus.If you can't play the game with bogus scores ect then why bother when you look like and jackass period.

Hufandpuf2295d ago

It happened with bfbc2. But in game informer's magazine they pick out elite players, and they chose the person that reached top rank first.

eak32294d ago

On the PS3 leaderboards some guy has an over 4 kill per minute score that just doesnt seem possible in a 12 v 12 setting.