Seeking Wisdom from the Wii-Maker

Ubisoft and other video game outfits are asking the industry leader for help in wooing casual gamers. Nintendo's advice? Keep it simple.

In late December last year, two senior executives from video game company Ubisoft made a rare pilgrimage to Kyoto. Chief Creative Officer Serge Hascoet had flown in from the company's headquarters on the outskirts of Paris, and Montreal studio chief Yannis Mallat had come from Canada. This was no sightseeing trip to take in the temples and kyoryori haute cuisine of Japan's ancient capital. They had come to learn from Nintendo the art of making video games for the mainstream.

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BrotherNick3833d ago

Hehe, Ubisoft is making decent money on the console now because of it...I wish them the best. I like Raving Rabbids 2, and if they make a red steel sequel, I may give it a shot.