IGN: Super Mario 3D Land Review

IGN reviews Super Mario 3D Land.

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aviator1892323d ago

Ahh, this and zelda 3ds should make a 3ds purchase sound.

Tanir2323d ago

finally, after months and months and months and months, 3ds has its first good game

Venox20082323d ago

I can't believe that IGN gave this game this score (actually I'm happy, but they surprised me).. because most of the scores lately I saw from them were bad scores for good games (most of them)

Disccordia2323d ago

You know, I love Mario bit when I played this a few months back at gamefest I didn't really enjoy it. I found it too annoying to judge jumps properly

bergoo2323d ago

3ds sales went thru the roof when this came out! I'm convinced to buy one.

MasterCornholio2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

Yep you cant sell a Nintendo handheld without Mario or Zelda. I honestly have no idea why they didn't release those 2 games at launch Nintendo said so themselves that they delayed those titles on purpose.

Great sales

"Here's the hardware chart for the same period, with last week's sales in parentheses.

1. 3DS: 145,271 (65,041)"

--Onilink--2323d ago

yeah, they delayed some games to give a chance to 3rd party developers to get more attention...and then those 3rd parties fumbled and we ended up with 6 months of almost no games, still a couple of nice ones here and there

TopDudeMan2323d ago

I enjoy the 2d marios. Will I like this?

cpayne932323d ago

Probably it's kind of a throwback to old mario games, just in 3d.

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