10 Video Game Worlds We Wish Were Real

We've already lost scores of good people to rampant cosplay and furry-dom, so imagine what would happen if Zanarkand suddenly popped up on Google Maps.

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CynicalVision2446d ago

I wish the world of Fallout was real. :P

gamernova2445d ago

I wish we all had pokemon :)

Stewie2k82445d ago

Heh Mass effect is my number 1 too, it's just made incredibly well!

attilayavuzer2445d ago

Where the hell's Panau? Can you imagine living on one small chain of islands that had every major ecosystem on it? Go snowboarding for half the day then chill at the paradise. And a goddamn nightclub on a blimp.

mamotte2445d ago

No silent Hill? And no Pokemon world? I want to go off my house at 10 yo and survive only with battles and some kind of magical work.

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