Movember Special: Top Ten Video Game Moustaches

Dealspwn: 'It's Movember, and that can only mean one thing: across the globe men are taking pride in their bristling whiskers, growing them out in the name of solidarity and raising money in the battle against prostate and testicular cancer.

But there are some cracking Mo-Bros to be found in the videogame world too. From dastardly villains to everyman heroes, the moustache can be a valuable addition to one's visage. Just look at Mario. Not enough pixels to have a mouth? A 'tache will sort it out nicely. And he's never looked back.

So this Movember, join us in paying homage to some weird, wacky and truly wonderful moustache merchants.'

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yourgodisdead2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

No Old Snake?! ={O Blasphemy!

Valvatorez2354d ago

I would have added Old Snake and Sully.But really,Hitler and Alakazam? One was a twisted sicko that wiped out millions of people,destroyed lives and was a utter bastard.The other is Hitler.