PES 2008 Patch details for Xbox 360 and PS3

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has released updates to rectify issues with the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION®3 versions of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

The free download addresses the online lag and the slowdown that affects the game in both online and offline modes.

The PLAYSTATION®3 update also fixes problems associated with downloading the game to the console's hard drive.

Konami will continue to look into ways to extend users' enjoyment of PES 2008 and is still working on improvements.

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Boink3918d ago

too little too late at this point I think.

killer_trap3918d ago

it's never to late to fix something. did anyone get the update and try it?? and is it worth getting it?

gololo3918d ago

yeah it improves a little bit but more work is needed

Tryst3918d ago

I grabbed it, but the lag was still there online but no so much. I have to bare in mind that the player I was playing had a bad connection and loads of people must have been playing it online last night

vaan3918d ago

Is it true what some people are saying. That Konami even dropped that graphic quality a little on the PS3 version to get the frame rate up?
Or is that just more XBOT fud?
Oh, and when can I get this in the US?

killer_trap3918d ago

i just got home and upgraded the game. the graphics look the same to me. didn't try it online yet.

Tryst3917d ago

The graphics look the same to me as well.

I just held a big tournament in my house with 6 mates, and did actually start to see some issues with it, esp the AI in the defending. The AI of your own team actually rip your defense apart and leave massive holds.

However, its understandable they would have teething problems in its first attempt. I really do think next years version will be something else :)