Biggest Misconception: BF3 For Quality; Modern Warfare 3 For Quantity Only

Pinoytutorial: "MW3 for quantity only while BF3 for quality" -- That's the proverbial saying we always hear with fellow gamers comparing the two titles.

On this discussion, we analyze this in details providing reasons why that statement is only a delusional perception for both magnificent games.

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KonaBro2414d ago

BF3 has the weak single player, strong multiplayer while MW3 has the strong single player, weak multiplayer. For a game that prides itself on MP experiences, MW3 feels stale and overdone. With that being said, yes BF3's MP is better than MW3. At least in BF3, I can spawn without a kid camping in a corner looking right at me.

shenglongg2414d ago

However, its now reported that mortars are being abused by some BF3 players for cheap kills.

KonaBro2414d ago

that EA will go and address the issues and make the changes needed. It's more then I can say for MW3.

Also, to the people disagreeing, I would to hear your reasoning unless you are just mad I'm bringing legitimate causes as to why BF3 is the better quality FPS this fall and you are just butt-pained.

Biggest2414d ago

Mortars are easily dealt with if you have someone covering you. Mortar noobs like to set up in the out-of-bounds areas. Just take the 10secs you have to be there and get an easy kill.

gamernova2414d ago

Looks like there will always be hate.

maxmill2414d ago

theyre both great games at their peak (on PC) so deal with it

Biggest2414d ago

Nope. MW3 is no where NEAR great on the PC. BF3 is best on the PC. MW3 is best on MW1.

Hicken2414d ago

So because BF3 sold 5 million- which is a record for the series- so quickly, that means it's about quantity as well?

Conversely, which part of MW3 indicates that it's about quantity instead?