Zero Punctuation: Battlefield 3 Review

After a brief respite, Shooter Season 2011 returns with Battlefield 3.

by by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw

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Vladplaya1897d ago

Who gives a fk about singleplayer in game that never been about singleplayer? Funny review, but other than that its pretty much waste of time.

The_Nameless_One1897d ago

His point though was that EA have stated in the past the the SP is as important to them as the MP but it's clearly a PR lie just to save face. I will fully agree that no one buys a BF or COD game for the SP but why should DICE get a free pass on it? They went to the trouble of putting a SP in the game so why make it redundant?

Still, who ever bought this gamefor it's SP is probably in dire need of antipsychotics meds.

deerain1897d ago

He liked single player then :D

coolasj1897d ago

No multi-player review. Not that I care, I own the game and love it. But, still.

AllroundGamer1897d ago

lol the invisible walls, there are lots of it in the game (in the MP too) and the jumping over obstacles is horribly flawed...

ViperX21897d ago

"horribly flawed" is a little over exaggerated.

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The story is too old to be commented.