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Naughty Dog’s third instalment in the epic story of Nathan Drake is a mix of revelation and deceit. Will Drake be able to confront his worst enemy?
Drake is on a quest to find the ‘Atlantis of the Sands’, a city lost in the middle of the Arabian Desert.

In case you have been living under a rock, or stuck in some unknown ruin, Drake’s story is episodic enough in nature that you can start Uncharted 3 without playing 1 and 2 without any major loss of understanding. (Major loss of honour and standing due to the mockery from your gaming peers, however, is a whole different topic altogether.

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girlwithturn2168d ago

You can see how gamerankings specifically lowers rating of Uncharted 3, adding to the basis of scores is less than ten points? They added a score from HonestGames, but at the same time did not include a score of the same portal for Gears of War 3. A dirty business.

NeoBasch2168d ago

It's why I don't trust Metacritic or GameRankings, and why people still use RottenTomatoes for film reviews. The whole system is suspect. I'll use N4G's own aggregator on VGReleases from time to time, but I find it best to seek out user reviews or form your own opinion by playing the game.

Noctis20482168d ago

i agree mate.
these days i trust N4G's aggregator.