The Dos and Don'ts of Battlefield 3 Multiplayer

"The Battlefield 3 multiplayer is slowly becoming a hot game on the PC, PS3 and 360 but the question is are you giving it your best? Are you looking for ways to earn more points and be better team players and having better chances of winning matches rather than than having to look at the depressing “YOUR TEAM LOST” screen over and over again? Here are some tips you can follow to ensure you are a shining example to your peers on how Battlefield SHOULD be played the way it was meant to be."

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Majin-vegeta2264d ago

I agree and i hate when im running engineer class and i have no javelin missiles to take out tanks and stuff and i ask for ammo but nothing ever happens and i end up dying.

Eromu2263d ago

Yeah, it seems like the majority of Supports never drop ammo. I wish Support players would play more like Assaults. I never have trouble finding health packs, but ammo?

mastahmind2263d ago

jup even when you start knifing the bastards they keep ignoring you and then you die after 5min.. And get banned from the server for insulting him..

caseh2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I'm guily of the 'if you can't fly don't try' rule.

Took a chopper and it was loaded up with about 4 other players, first time flying and I was going good till I hit a pillar of some sort. I bailed just in time but my passengers didn't, just saw a load of teamkill announcements pop up at the bottom of screen.

Ive not been in a chopper since. :D

Elwenil2263d ago

I'm pretty damn good at the helos though I don't get very many points for flying them. My issue is the random "lag attack" I get about 30-45 seconds into some matches that inevitably causes me to fly into something and crash. The sad part is that you have to stay in the trees or buildings in the helos to keep from getting nailed by a jet or Stingers, but the slightest lag and you and a light pole become one.

SITH2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I am a beast in the helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. The only way you are going to learn and develop the muscle memory needed to fly, is by practice. Just don't load up a transport and try. I watched five people die at the beginning of the match today. Just pathetic.

Spitfire_Riggz2263d ago

Yeah what stinks is how are you supposed to learn how to fly? Just take it solo and dont kill anyone else =)

eraursls842263d ago

I think they should have some sort of driving/flight school that gives you pointers and let's you have time in the vehicle before you try in a match.

SITH2263d ago

"So please next time you jump in that newly spawned Tomcat or the Hind..."

There is no F-14 tomcat or Hind series aircraft in Bf3.

I have my support Medal for dropping ammo. I make sure to get those points when I can. And yes, please do wait for vehicles to load up before taking off... I hate destroying them with one person in it. ;)

Jdub895O2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Things i hate.

1. When people dont drop ammo boxes,meds revive like they are supposed to.

2.When your whole sqaud is sniping in squad rush.(its rush your supposed to plant or defend)

3.If you dont know how to fly a heli DONT GET IN AT ALL! When you get in with someone else and then the next thing you know he crashes it.

4. When you see your teamates just waiting around for a jet or heli instead of helping out.

5. When you feel like your a one man team and feels like your doing all the work out of all your 11 other teamates.Then to find out you were Mvp while your teamates were all negative with low points.

6. FIX THE SQUAD SYSTEMS! I wish i could play with my friends and never get split up. I swear i saw a patch that fixed that....

This game needs clan support bad. It will bring out all the good players out and bring more competitive games. There is a certain way to do it now but its a pain in the ass. Check out if anyone wants to.

Elwenil2263d ago

I agree with your points but I'd like to add a different point of view on reviving. I once got all kinds of hell raised at me for not reviving a guy on Metro. The really bad part was I was playing Support at the time, but that's beside the point. Honestly, reviving is a great thing and is a huge help to a team with bringing back another gun on the team and retaking lost tickets, but if you are stupid enough to run out into a fatal funnel or other ambush, don't expect someone to go out and try to revive you and risk losing even more tickets. Reviving is not always going to happen and honestly, I'd rather not get revived than get brought back into the middle of a firefight where my life expectancy is a negative number. Better to spawn on a squad mate in cover or at a point to the rear of the line to plan a better attack or where you are needed most to defend.

Also, Battlelog has the clan support and it's not bad. I don't think we will ever get a clan system like SOCOM or MAG since Battlefield has it's roots in PC gaming and clans are almost always handled a outside the game on PC. It would be nice to see some ladders and so on for the console versions of BF3. Might bring out some of the better players and make for some really intense games rather than the crapshoot it is now to get a good team with a competent opposing team instead of maybe one or two good squads fighting it out with everyone else screwing off, but I don't think it will ever happen. Just my .02

BABY-JEDI2263d ago

I'm really going to have to finish Dark Souls, so I can get myself one of these damn helicopters to kill my squad LoL
Must remember to eject at last mo...