Modern Warfare 3 Voice Chat Issues on PS3 and 360 Being Worked On

MP1st - Activision support reassures Modern Warfare 3 players that the in-game voice chat problems are being “looked into.”

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Majin-vegeta2297d ago

You would think for a game that sells like cod they would have pretty much all of this down but it's the same crap every year broken voice chat,partying up problems,connection issues etc.

jeseth2297d ago

Haven't any issues with my mic at all, weird. The first night was tough partying up...but with all the traffic I kind of expected it.

Love it or hate it, COD sells like crazy. If I had 20 friends online, 18 of them had MW3. This is even crazier than BLoPS, or MW2. Never been to a midnight launch as big either.

Hopefully any issues people are having are fixed soon!

Criminal2297d ago

If you were in a 360 party then there shouldn't be any problems.

NeloAnjelo2297d ago

Thanks dude. I was just about to say that!

Rubberlegs2297d ago

I have no problems partying up with people and connecting to games. If your partying it shouldn't be giving you the voice the problems.

princejb1342297d ago

haha ive had the issue, sometimes when i kill someone in the opposite team, i would hear them for like 4 seconds saying, wtf how the hell did he kill me, or F U that was BS

r1sh122297d ago

its not issues with being able to communicate, its how bad the voice chat quality is.
Mw2 on the Xbox has bad voice chat because MS issued a new HD voice chat update some time before the release of black ops. Black ops had this in the game, but mw3 does not have that new code on the 360. It feels like they literally copied and pasted the code. I dont know what the ps3 issue is but did it could be something similar.
The game is good, but you can tell that its rushed as IW have taken things from older cod games and out them in.
(Its good so far)

Cosmit2296d ago


We get it. You don't like COD. Your ass trolls just about every CoD article. Now get out.

You would also think a game like Battlefield 3 which was sure to sell record numbers from other BF/BC games, would also have had their Party System and Voice chat fixed on release date. You know, that being that they had a beta as well. And guaranteed that it will be fixed on the final game.

Majin-vegeta2296d ago

Awww did i hurt your feelings for stating the truth??xDD.

Cosmit2296d ago

Why yes, yes you did. Take it easy next time.

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NeloAnjelo2297d ago

Here we go. Fault number one. I will book mark all of these for later. I think I'll have a bigger list than MW2.

Series_IIa2297d ago

You must lead a pretty boring life then.

First all you do is comment about how you hate COD and now going to bookmark everything.

I would say there is more to life than video games, but in your case, there is more to life than hating on a game.

NeloAnjelo2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Actually my life is pretty good.

What I hate however is people ignoring the faults with this franchise when it launches. Maybe you don't recall the articles on here about MW2? I wish had these to back up my arguments. People forget quickly and are too quick to defend this nonsense.

Another thing, I loved COD4: MW, and everything before it. I never said I hated the franchise. I hate what it has become and what it represents.

Lastly I also comment on MGS articles, Alan Wake articles, user reviews and many more so I'll stop you right there. COD is almost every article on here at the moment. What else do you expect?

SuperSaiyan42297d ago

Anyone else getting a major lag spike where the game literally stutters to where it looks like its gonna lock up? I am not having voice issues just what I just mentioned.