Battlefield 4 or Mirror’s Edge 2: What should DICE make next? Official PlayStation Magazine UK

Official PlayStation Magazine UK ask what should Dice choose as their next game?...

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Pandamobile2297d ago

Mirror's Edge 2 next year and BF2143 in 2013 please.

TenSteps2297d ago

So long as they go with MEdge2 first, the first is still in my top 5 of this generation.

limewax2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

It is one of my most replayed games of this gen, even if there is nothing left to do in the game, I still enjoy going back and brushing up on my running skills in hope that one day the sequel gets here.

Here's to hoping it's a free roam game next time. Also how did I lose a bubble I haven't been commenting for a few days and bam it's gone lol

Kleptic2296d ago

I only ever played the demo, but it did seem cool...and I love how BF3 got some of that running mechanic added...You really do feel like you are in full sprint with a lot of gear, but not in a weighed down and worthless sense...

to me it feels like a nice mix of killzone 2's similar movement with CoD's ridiculous floating gumby ski thing...not as heavy as killzone 2, and also not completely laughable...

TenSteps2296d ago


I know what you mean. I replay it just because I love the feel of the setting and the whole music it has.

GaMErFoLife882297d ago

i agree take a couple of yrs for another BF or even wait till the new consoles come out

Christopher2296d ago

I'd like to see them make something else. Perhaps a third-person action shooter using Frostbite 3.0?

Pandamobile2296d ago

Why would they make a brand new engine now after shipping one game on it?

Christopher2296d ago

You do know that Frostbite 2.0 is an update of the former engine, right? 3.0 will most likely come in 2-3 years. Especially as the engine is evolved to handle next gen consoles and GPU specifications. Their engine is currently being worked on for updates as we speak, it never ends.

news4geeks2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Pandamobile and cgoodno; two n4g juggernauts battling it out. Good to see. Keep it clean ladies.

hqgamez2296d ago

they should of said
Bad Company 3

AKS2296d ago

I like that plan.

I thought about a Mirror's Edge sequel using the Frostbite 2 engine during an indoor sequence featuring Dima in BF3. I think it would look fantastic with the advanced lighting.

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noxeven2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

mirrors edge 2 defiantly and bf2143 as expansion pack for bf3

Pandamobile2297d ago

Heeeeeell naw. BF2143 needs its own game; not an expansion for BF3.

Shadonic2297d ago

mirrors edge 2 with kinect optional gameplay.

perfectCarbonara2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

HAHA, just imagining how ridiculous this would look made my head explode.

But they should definitely go with Mirrors Edge 2 first, such a unique game.

Shadonic2296d ago

it wont look that ridiculous :( plus if you add in how much immersion you will get from the incredible graphics and first person view its worth it.

Hufandpuf2297d ago

ME2 with engaging SP and story and Multiplayer. There are SO many multiplayer modes I could think of utilizing the Mirror's Edge formula.

TheEatingVodka2296d ago

Also, please don't let Battlefield turn into a franchise that spawns new games every year.. I don't want another COD

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