Sony charts a new path to adventure

Nick Lewis of the Calgary Herald gives Uncharted: Drake's Fortune four and half stars out of five:

"Blending the best of the Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider franchises, Uncharted introduces a new hero to the gaming world by the name of Nathan Drake. If his first adventure is any indication, we'll soon be seeing a lot more of him.

"Claiming to be a descendant of the explorer Sir Francis Drake, Nathan convinces a documentarian to pay for retrieval of his ancestor's coffin, as long as she captures it on film. When he pulls it from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, he discovers a coffin empty save for one thing: Francis Drake's personal diary. What follows is one of the most entertaining, engaging adventures you're likely to have on PlayStation 3 all year."

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gamesblow3914d ago

I love how the "claiming" never really comes out in the story too. People are so worried about where this could go, since the game ties up everything in the end... but kinda leaves it open for another story. See, "spoilers" Drake never finds out if he is or isn't Drakes decendant. Sure he found a book, but that's that... and nothing more. I think Drake was just caught up in the idea of getting him and Sully out of debt that anything became logical.

I think we'll see Drake on a different path altogether next time out. I, for one, cannot wait, either. The best game next-gen has to offer is Uncharted, folks. Buy it!!!!

PS3 Limps on and on3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

Could be a sequel. Just because at the end The girl tells him that he still owns her a story, and Drake says "I'm good for it"

I would be surprised if this was Drakes last adventure. This game reminded me of Indiana Jones more than anything else.

Skerj3914d ago

I finished it earlier, the battles in the last 4 chapters were freaking epic. I got killed enough times to see that they never played out the same either. I don't think this is the last we'll see of Drake but they set the bar pretty high in this one, can't wait to see what they pull off next time. Now I find myself starting again to get more points so I can get more stuff, that guy who said it didn't have replay value should be kicked in the ass. I finished Assassin's Creed and I'll probably never touch it again.

Danja3914d ago

Agreed there will definetly be a sequel no doubt about that the last few chapters were EPIC overall..IDK if it's just me..but anyone else kinda bummed that Eddie had to go..?

off topic:
As for AC..i beat about 3 days ago.I swear it has one of the crappiest ending's i've seen in awhile...even though im kinda looking forward to see how the story unfolds for Desmond since he's now basically synched with Altair..and im curious bout what role Lucy will play..also

Skerj3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

Yeah I was hoping that they could team up more than that fight, he was likable and they had a pretty funny dynamic going there. Drake wanted to save him too, I wanted some more backstory as to what happened with them in the past. Prequel maybe?

mighty_douche3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

i think the futures bright, the futures Nathan Drake (doesnt really work but you get the point)!

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SmokeyMcBear3914d ago

theres is no way on gods green earth that we will not see another drake game. But thes is something that still bothers me, if drake didnt want anyone getting to "el dorado".. then why in the hell did he leave behind his journal, with the ring telling how to find it??

Skerj3914d ago

He got the ring back, besides El Dorado isn't where it was in the Journal anyway so it wouldn't matter if anyone found the Journal somehow. Although I don't think they would considering where it is and what more than likely would happen to it now that it's out in the elements.

SmokeyMcBear3914d ago

no i meant sir francis drake.. not nathan drake.. i mean whats the deal with leaving behind the ring showing the locations of his journal that he put in a chest in the ocean.. I dunno, it just seems kind of weird, I guess he left those itmes behind before he know what el dorado really was, but it just gets me thinking about the story line. Oh yeah.. and i guess the germans were looking for gold or something right, and the facility is oh the island, i mean that looks like it takes a lot of time to build and create.. just some things that made me go..uhhh. ok.

Skerj3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

Ahhh now I gotcha, that does make me think now considering how the ending panned out.

DrWan3914d ago

All the Final Fantasies are separate stories.

So we can have a whole new game, but just use Uncharted for title.

Uncharted 2: The Egytian King or something..

and then have a totally new cast and story and action adventure but we keep the same "uncharted" name. Just like Final Fantasy

Anything but Cute3914d ago

I don't think it's Uncharted without him.

The Wood3914d ago

Very pleased with the story. Took me away. The music was excellent. The sound was excellent. The pistol's were my preferred default weapon because they always felt more accurate. I was making f*ckers backflip with the desert eee. Didn't like the trajectory method with the grenade other than that it was my personal GOTY

ukilnme3914d ago

[email protected] Wood. I am glad you liked it. Now ship me your copy so I can play it, my wife won't let me buy anymore games this year.

The Wood3914d ago

but if your serious id do it. Uk only though

ukilnme3914d ago

I was joking about shipping it to me but my wife really won't let me buy anymore games. My son ratted me out when I bought R&C so it's going to be hard to sneak in Uncharted. I will figure something out though cause I don't want to miss out on it.

The Wood3913d ago

because I also have a misses who feels she has to nag about my gaming habits (unless she's playing too). I empathise with you mate. Sometimes its like im a secret lemonade drinker for games

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Astro3914d ago

Poor Uncharted, as all the other PS3 first-party games, it failed to obtain critical and comercial success.

Skerj3914d ago

Did you REALLY need to come in this article to say that? Have you played the game? Try it, you just might like it if you get over the bias.

Anything but Cute3914d ago

But gamers who have actually completed it, think it's a classic.

Can't say that about any other PS3 exclusive yet, not Heavenly Sword, not even Ratchet & Clank Future.

Danja3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

I think every PS3 exclusives released this year was underrated...even LAIR..yeah I said it..!!

Heavenly Sword...maybe not a classic..but is one of the best next gen experiences available....and it's short as reviewers said..

R&C--Insomniac isn't aiming t make this game a classic they're just making a fun game that everyone can enjoy..and everyone who played it..did..!

Ucharted is the best game i've played all year..and the best since the original GOW....GOW2 is amazing but..the first was more..groundbreking..!

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