Modern Warfare 3 (2.5) isn’t that great

A great series spoiled by lack of passion

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Majin-vegeta2447d ago

Lmfao at the pix agree with the article.

Tommykrem2447d ago

Lack of passion is probably the best way to describe the development process behind recent CoD games. They make just enough to seal the deal and to get along with industry journalists, then little more. It's still based on the solid CoD4 formula though, so it's still very playable.

Wintersun6162447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

But the question is, after seeing this done 5 times in a row within 5 years already, is it still very playable? Sure it works, but do we really want to support this kind of game development that lacks innovation and improvements but still manages to destroy the competition when it comes to sales year after year?

Tommykrem2447d ago

I know I don't, but I'm not going to go around shouting "COD sucks" either. It is still quality entertainment as far as I'm concerned, but I'm way too fed up with it to actually buy it myself.

Ultra Gamer2446d ago

Good luck convincing 9 million+ people that CoD has a crappy development process. Copy and paste and change a few things here and there and it will sell millions even though it's the same 2007 formula. S.S.D.D. They don't really care how the industry works. They just want their cod fix and to play with their friends so if all their friends are buying mw3 then they'll be buying it too.

Wintersun6162446d ago

That formula won't work forever. People said the same thing with Guitar Hero too when I asked why on earth are they buying the same game AGAIN?

papashango2446d ago

I downloaded it and couldn't even finish the campaign. I don't see the reason of buying it for the mp considering you have the last 3 cods to choose from for the same mp.

iamnsuperman2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

What (non COD fans ) people forget is COD delivers what the fans want. The fans do not care about having amazing graphics with a complete gameplay redesign. Why have a massive overhaul in gameplay and graphics when the core fans are fine with it.

Avernus2446d ago

I'm a huge CoD fan...been a CoD player since CoD 2, and I would love new graphics, a new hud style, a change in the menu look, new make it short, I would like to see a new game, with the same fluid arcady movement. You telling me a new engine would make that impossible? Activision is just too cheap, and don't care about the consumers.

Somebody2446d ago

"The fans do not care about having amazing graphics"

Uncharted 3 looks better than Uncharted 2 or 1. Gear of Wars 3 looks better than Gears of War 2 or 1. So does Resistance 3 compared to 2 or 1.

They are all sequels and yet they look better and better with each iterations. Their fans still loved them even with the hated "better" graphics.

So, why can't CoD at least try to do the same?

Hicken2446d ago

What CoD fanboys forget is that most of the people complaining about the series were, at one time, CoD fans.

When I think about how little the franchise has changed since I started playing, and given that they've had YEARS to do so and MILLIONS of dollars in profits to do it with, I just get pissed off.

Hagaf222445d ago

i'm a cod fan and my problem is that they just put no effort in to it. its a bunch of small maps overly congested with terrible spawns. I dont know if the vast openness and team work of bf3 ruined mw for me or what, but i am currently hating mw3

Leaguer2445d ago

your justification for this rehashed map pack is really really astounding. to be fair, your attempt at reasoning for activision's lousy so-called "new" game makes you sound like the Lloyd Christmas of gaming. congratulations.. :D

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BattleTorn2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Why did you put it's metacritic score in brackets?


SJPFTW2446d ago

what does everyone expect? the original people behind Call of Duty are now gone

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