Are These Next-Gen Launch Games?

360 Magazine: Are we beginning to see the first wave of next-gen games arrive?

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Biglet2168d ago

Naah. I not wetting my pants yet, so they can't be next-gen.

Ares84HU2168d ago

Yeah, this isn't impressive. I remember the first time I've seen Onimusha for the PS2 before the PS2 was out, I couldn't believe my eyes.

Same thing when I've seen Resistance 1 and heavenly sword before the PS3 was out. I couldn't believe that they could pull off graphics like that and physics as well. This looks like an unpolished PS3-Xbox360 game.

Anon19742168d ago

Even the developers themselves are saying we won't see that great a graphical leap from this gen to next gen. The hardware isn't the problem - PC's have been able to do amazing things graphically for years, but not every game is a graphical masterpiece. The bottleneck is the developers themselves, and the resources available to them. Even if a system was capable of an Avatar-like game, who on earth would have the time, money and manpower to create a game like that?

I'm personally not expecting that much from the next gen. From a graphics standpoint I don't think next gen will deliver that much of a change compared to what we're used to now. Next gen will be more about how we play - motion sensors, DLC, subscription services, things like that. Quite frankly, I'm rather concerned about what's in the works. Already - are you anxious to control your game with a big, Ipad like controller that only one person per system can use like the Wii-U has shown us. I'm not. I don't understand this rush to replace controllers.

Dailynch2168d ago

I don't know... as a target it seems just a smidge beyond what the current consoles can do. And Battlefield 3 certainly was!

Hufandpuf2168d ago

When you have to scale back for consoles, yes.

kevnb2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

not actual gameplay footage lol. and it doesnt even look all that great, looks like the shittiest rainbow 6 game yet.

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The story is too old to be commented.