Gamer thwarts gunman’s attempt to steal Call of Duty

How bad did one man want Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which was released Tuesday?

Bad enough to follow a customer home from a Northland GameStop, point a gun and try to steal his game, according to court records released Tuesday.

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Majin-vegeta2419d ago

Talk about idiots.A shipping warehouse here in Fresno,CA also got robbed of mw3 copies lol crazy people.

barb_wire2419d ago

Kinda like over in France where 6000 copies of MW3 were stolen the other day..


inveni02419d ago

Stealing something you know you can sell...something without a serial number. Pretty nuts.

DragonKnight2419d ago

Bet Activision will still count them as sales. LMAO!

What? It's a joke. A bad one, but still a joke. Lol.

RedDevils2418d ago

Actually those thief are doing us good in disguise stopping that king of garbage reaching to us

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Winter47th2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

"Idiot with a gun fails in MW3 robbery attempt"

You about to Prestige in prison with your Slight of Hand, Dead Silence & Extreme Conditioning, son.

03212418d ago

Epic comment, Sir. bubbles for you!

Canidae2418d ago

LMFAO! Bubble up for hilarity.

princejb1342419d ago

he should have used ghost, maybe than the 27 year old wouldn't have seen him rob him

StraightPath2419d ago

damn! mw3 is serious business!!! sold 9 million in a day

Anon19742419d ago

That picture gives me the creeping willies. Kid's with guns. *shudder*

I'm 37, and I've never even seen a handgun in real life that wasn't on a policeman's hip and frankly I don't care if I ever do.

Prophet-Gamer2419d ago

Really? I've seen guns everywhere all my life....then again I do live in Texas haha.

Crazyglues2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Really, if he wanted the game that bad he could have just sold that gun, and then bought the game...

-But I guess thats too much common sense for a Robber..


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TheNocturnus2419d ago

I live in Kansas City. I have been robbed at gunpoint 3 times, twice in kansas city. This is the reason I got my concealed carry permit. I carry a pistol everywhere I go, too many piece of shit criminals out there.

JsonHenry2419d ago

^^ Same. Except I live in a very small town that has so much drug related crimes that we our own special drug task force to deal with it.

I DON'T EVER want to have to use it. But I carry it just in case.

SantistaUSA2418d ago

Damn where part of town do you guys live in? I'm KCMO, north oak and 103rd, that game stop is 10 min from my place, I was at the gym 24hrs fitness that night, saw bunch of guys in line at 7:30 already.

Xenial2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )


Marquis_de_Sade2418d ago

Yea, getting more guns out on the street will help solve the problem!

Ryudo2418d ago

That's just how Americans solve there problems. I doubt more then 300 people a year are ever robbed at gun point in Britain. Simply because guns aren't all over the street like in America and we have a few less retards shooting up schools.

The problem is now the government has dug it's self such a big hole of self entitlement now that it would be next to impossible to take guns back from the American population.

To many Rambo's using concealed pistols to "protect" themselves. And the problem is regardless of how good a person you are the only thing a pistol spreads is death.

Am sorry but just take the robbery instead of starting a gun fight the next time sometime tries it. Leaved it to the trained professions to get rid of crime...

Marquis_de_Sade2418d ago

As a British citizen, I agree completely, there should be no need for someone to carry a gun with them at all times in a country as developed as America.

mynameisEvil2418d ago

Ryudo, the government really CAN'T. It's written in the Constitution that every American has the right to bear arms. Though the government can try, Americans love our guns to much to let them defy the Constitution.

And Ryudo, Britain apparently has a higher violent crime rate than South Africa and the U.S. Why? Because criminals can do what criminals do, that is, get ahold of guns, and other people can't. Need proof of your terrible crime rate?

silvacrest2418d ago

people in Britain just use knives instead, although saying that, if i was being robbed i would prefer a knife over a gun any day

Marquis_de_Sade2418d ago

Here's some advice, don't use the Daily Mail, it's a complete joke.

theonlylolking2418d ago

Many of the peeps that are murdering, robbing, etc... with guns do not usually have a permit. The ones without a permit are getting them from like a black market.

If the USA bans guns nothing will change except that those that had a permit could no longer defend themselves. Guns are not the problem it is the people wielding them. If you take guns away then we will have more robberies, murders, etc... with knives, axes, pillows, etc...

Those retards usually do not have a permit so banning guns will not do anything but keep those who are getting it legally.

It is like many of the things EA, THQ and Ubisoft are doing. They punish the gamers for buying it new and legally thinking it will stop piracy and used game buying. The only people that suffer are the ones who buy the games legally. The pirates will still pirate no matter what.

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Septic2418d ago

Bloody hell! That's why guns are outlawed here in the UK!

Bolts2418d ago

Dude if you got robbed 3 times and you have to carry a concealed gun with you when you leave the house then thats a sign. A sign that say STFO.

TheNocturnus2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

I'm in Belton but drive through KCMO and Grandview very often. It's getting really bad here. Unfortunately I cannot respond anymore because I was bubble raped for some reason.

To the people that don't understand conceal carry:

I live in America, the land of freedom. I should not have to submit to any criminal. I carry a gun for defense only. If you pull a gun on me, I want a chance to defend myself. I'm not going to lay there and wait to die.

Have any of you naysayers ever had to look down the barrel of a gun and wonder if you were about to die? Have you ever thought that you would never see your family again or be able to kiss your wife goodnight ever again because you were about to be shot over $20? Have you ever felt so humiliated because someone had a gun to your held calling you a fucking loser and saying if you move I'll kill you?

I have... 3 fucking times. You brits always condemn americans for our guns, try stepping in our shoes for once. Criminals are just that and they don't care if guns are illegal or not. I carry my gun legally and safely. I am trained in its use and know the laws as to when I can use it.

Just remember, when seconds count, the police are minutes away.

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Game4life2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

These people have no self control I tellz ya.
Next time we read something like this it should read
Over 9000 robberies commited because of MW3

Blaze9292419d ago

Lol for some reason, while reading the article - all I could picture the kid looking like was the image used for the article and this submission. lmao like, I just pictured a dark street and this, apparently fat kid, trying to rob lmao.

NeloAnjelo2419d ago

He forgot that Auto aim doesn't actually exist, and guns do have recoil.

dangert122419d ago

Yes they do! and you can run into buildings to avoid being hit by a nuke duuurrr were are you from planet real world? pffft ;) lol

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