Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3 Successfully Head-to-Head in Japan - Still Behind Mario

Who said that Western Games can’t do well in Japan? Whoever it was, today he has been proven quite wrong, as the Media Create Software Charts for the week between September the 31st and October the 6th have been published, showing both Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3 achieving a solid launch in Japan, even if they still didn't manage to beat Super Mario.
In the meanwhile Final Fantasy Type-0 Continues to sell well.

Giuseppe Nelva of analyzes this week's results in the Japanese domestic market.

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DonaldBeck2416d ago

everyone loves that italian plumber for some reason, me too.

Abriael2416d ago

I don't, and I'm Italian (not a plumber though) lol. But hey, to each his own :D

SoapShoes2416d ago

I prefer the Blue Blur but I liked Mario 64 a lot.

JoelT2416d ago

Who DOESN'T like a mustache ride? Am I right? LOL

On topic: It's still good to see western titles climbing up the sales charts in the land of the rising sun.

SoapShoes2416d ago

Now if more Japanese games would climb the charts over in North America... There are a lot of good Japanese games but most of them never become popular because no one's interested over here.

BlackPrince 422416d ago

It's Japan. They don't like Western games, they don't buy Western games.

By and large anyways, there are a couple of exceptions.

Abriael2416d ago

Looks like there are more exceptions than people think. or better, more than people use as an excuse :D

Ddouble2416d ago

Let's see what Modern Warfare does.

Hufandpuf2416d ago

They like our games as much as we like their Naruto games.
Off-Topic, I wish they would brink back the sales figures in the Game informer magazine.

plmkoh2416d ago

100,000+ for Uncharted 3 and BF3 are huge sales for Japan, most games on home consoles only sell 20,000-80,000.