POV: Why is Sony cranking up DRM on PSP and PS3

Sony recently announced they would be dropping their GameShare service from a total of 5-device activation down to 2. This is another case of Sony punishing their palyers, which I think after the year they had would be the last thing on their minds.

The Playstation Blog made it clear that the limit would only apply to PS3 and PSP systems and would go into effect in less than a fortnight (November 18th). So any PSN games you would have downloaded for your PS3 or PSPGo before the 18th would be content that would NOT be applied to the rules, any content purchased afterwards would be.

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fluffydelusions2413d ago

This is common sense why they are doing it. To make more money on their 1st party games since used game sales do nothing for them.

SoapShoes2412d ago

I'm pretty sure it's because people were abusing the policy. Tons of people get burned by giving others their account info. You know what they say, one bad apple spoils the whole bunch.

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Focus2412d ago

They are broke. . .in the red for 4 years in a row, something's gotta give and this is it.

adorie2412d ago

how does it feel to spread misinformation, Focus?

IAmCornHolio2412d ago


Your link failed to get at the Engadget article about how Sony as a corporation has been in the red for four years running. Here I fixed the link for you.

Well ok that article only talks about how Sonys teeny tiny little television business has lost money for 8 years straight..

But type of few things into a search engine, and Bing, there it is, Sony's financial troubles going back several years now...

gamingdroid2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Actually, Focus is speaking the truth:

"Sony Annual Loss Expected For Fourth Year In A Row"


Sony has had 4-straight years of losses. Of course, this is overall, not on an individual department basis. Then again, most department are in the red as well. Sony as a company is going through a hard time.

PetitPiPi2412d ago

Excluding the PS3, Sony products are too expensive compared to the competition. Plain and simple. Samsung & LG are taking over.

f7897902411d ago

From what I've seen at Best Buy, Sony tv's were the same as Samsung and LG. My mom grabbed a Sony and it is as perfect as an HDTV can get.

PirateThom2412d ago

The "game sharing" has been abused since day 1, it's not for sharing games, it's for redownloading content should your PS3 go wrong or you have multiple PS3s.... quite simply, people were giving their friends log in details to download content, which is NOT what the service was for.

nycredude2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

someone with common sense and business knowledge.

yeah they are broke alright.. /s Sony's business empire is more vast then most gamers comprehension. Did you know they provide batteries for most dell laptops? How about so many of those hollywood movies people are so fond of?

IAmCornHolio2412d ago

The PS3 division lost a half a billion dollars last year.

Hey but last year the PS3 division had a 12.5 million dollar profit! /Dr Evil

No in all seriousness, look at how many loss leader PS3 exclusives Sony launched this year, add up the price of all those games, and wow! It matched up almost exactly with their annual loss this year!

By comparison, Microsofts E&D division is currently raking in about 8 billion dollars a year, that is um, profit, not revenue.

SoapShoes2412d ago

Has nothing to do with this article...

IAmCornHolio2412d ago

Sure it does. That half billion dollar loss right after a year with a meager 12 million dollar profit means Sony is going to have to start gouging its customers if they want to make some money.

Christopher2412d ago

Actually, IAmCornHolio, it's not the "PS3 division", but the division in which the PS3 is included that lost money. That division includes Sony Ericcson and a few ad agencies, which is where the majority of those losses were derived. PS3 hardware and software saw an increase in both sales and profits.

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GamersRulz2412d ago

I wish I can bubble you forever, thanks for the rare common sense.

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