The House of the Dead review (C&

I didn't find the graphics to be anything amazing, they were more like okay PC graphics or something for a hand held console. However, they aren't as bad as what your probably thinking. I came across a few glitches now and then, like a zombie would walk through a wall. But nothing crazy or would affect the game badly in anyway. The characters aren't anything new or exciting but, they do go with the game. Enemies are a different story, the boss's are very weird and creative with an added gross factor, and the zombies are zombies and they probably are exactly what you are thinking. There is a lot of blood, and yes you can shoot off heads and limbs and yes blood does squrts all over the place. Awesome, I know. Thankfully you are not kept in similar places, your on the move constantly to more gory and frightening locations... well to me anyway.

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