Modern Warfare 3 has severe Matchmaking issues

Kartik writes: "We have been receiving tons of complaints about Matchmaking issues in Modern Warfare 3. Now, it is completely normal for a big game to encounter these problems, but Activision and Infinity Ward are no strangers to gigantic launches, which make these issues stand out a lot more."

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floetry1012356d ago

In all honesty, the matchmaking hasn't changed that much from MW2. Host Migration has been dealt with FAIRLY well (occasionally bogus), but every now and then I'm thrown into a foreign lobby to compete with not only the best players Hamburg has to offer, but 2 bar connections as well.

I hope Infinity Ward are prepared to patch the game this time around, because they still have a bit of work to do.

princejb1342356d ago

my problem is when I'm trying to find a game sometimes, i get the message connection error, so i have to sign off and back on to get into a game

Bolts2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Match making still sucks. Host migration issues abound, and once in a while the game turns into a lag fest with 12 players.

Damn I miss BF3. At least there's a good reason for a 64 players server to be lagging. There's only 12 fucking players Activision! It's not like this problem is new.

Thank god I Gamefly-ed this turd. One redeeming thing about MW 3 though? No online code.

Heartnet2356d ago

Theres no reason for 64 players to be lagging... Mag has 256 players and there was no lag what soever in that game..

Bolts2356d ago

I dunno what you're talking about. There's plenty of lag in those 256 players matches. But that is beside the point because it'll take forever to find a 256 players game for MAG now a days since the game is dead.

Perjoss2356d ago

Why is it that only Bungie seems to know the importance of good matchmaking?

GraveLord2356d ago

Not on PSN. Its completely fine and working.
Check ur internetz noobz.

ShadowKingx2356d ago

not to sound like a bf 3 fanboy but to all the the people who said bf3 should have been prepared for mass numbers. what do you say now? mw3 has issues might not be the same ones but still has issues. point is im just tired of seeing people bash games over issues that are hard to deal with till it happens. just like launch issues. you can anticipate a lot of people but that could change easily. since mw3 sold 9.3 million in the first day how can you ever anticipate that. by the way congrats infinity ward for that record.

prepare for more cod like games again this coming year. everyone wants to be just like you.

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