A Close Look Into Call of Duty Elite

GameZone's Robert Workman breaks down the features of Call of Duty Elite for those who are deciding whether or not to get the service.

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aquamala2267d ago

somebody actually could log in?

Ares84HU2267d ago

Doesn't work???

Well CONGRATULATIONS to you! Activision managed to find a way to squeeze out another $50 from you for features that should be in the game to begin with.

Have to be a special kind of person in order to buy this "service".

farhad2k82267d ago

Huh? It works for me perfectly fine. I've been viewing stats and messing around with the clan feature.
I think you have to download it first on your console, then you can use the website version.

It's epic.

lifesanrpg2267d ago

I was tempted when I first bought MW3 but i th ink it was just the adrenaline. Add in the constant problems they've been having with it and I probably won't get it.

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