Grand Theft Auto V Info Leaked

Brand new information has been leaked about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V title.

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cyborg2297d ago

if true, but I doubt it since it's unlikely anyone working for Rockstar will leak information

TheBeast2297d ago

100 % agree however I could see the person who cleans up leaking out info, that lucky guy >.>

Buttons2297d ago

Maybe it's just me but....I don't trust people who can't punctuate on the level of a 4 year old

QuodEratDemonstrandm2296d ago

Can't spell beyond a pre-k level either.

And... unless this site paid the "janitor" (seems unlikely for a site no one has ever heard of) I don't see a motive for the leak.

It would be more believable if it were on a well known and, at least reasonably, respected site. Hell, it would be more believable if it were posted on blogspot.

I'm getting my surfboard for this wave of bullshit.

StraightPath2297d ago

i think people just posting their wishlists now

scotchmouth2296d ago

Exactly. The formula seems to be posting the most wanted features, mixing elements of gta iv and rdr to make it plausable and then speculate some.

Nothing really changes. Someone's mom or dad is an employee/qa tester/voice actor and they have the inside scoop. It just so happens they are 4chan or gtaf regulars. Fitting.

AlienLion2297d ago

The leak is supposedly a janitor at rockstar? Are freaking kidding me?

Liquid_Ocelot2296d ago

Believe me man, janitors do know their shit! Real talk man;)

KaBaW2296d ago

Janitor in the conference room..

Janitor: Oh, don't mind me. Just cleaning, doing my job.
*Rockstar employees going over details of Grand Theft Auto 5*
Janitor: Muhahahhaah. *Cough - Cough*

Is that really sooo hard for you to believe? It's highly plausible. (:

showtimefolks2297d ago

I like some of the ideas but this is 100% fake news and only leaked by a GTA fan who made a wish list

Crazyglues2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

oh come on' this is FAIL...

The whole thing is some guess work at best.. Janitor my A$$...

This is all FAKE... and made up wishful thinking..

I'm calling this pure Bullsh*&


galgor2296d ago


Quest 4 hits..

Nothing to see here folks.

calibann2296d ago

On 4chan, someone who supposedly works for Rockstar predicted (pre-trailer launch) Just about everything in the trailer and some more information about the story. Go look it up on chan-archive.

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FLOWCity2297d ago

"The user says he is a Janitor at Rockstar Games"


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ProjectVulcan2297d ago

Well if he is the janitor he can start by cleaning up all his bullshit.

SephirothX212297d ago

That janitor has just been fired.

kwyjibo2297d ago

Exclusive GTA V leak from the N4G comments - the whole story resolves around the protagonist looking for a lost kitten.

Please stop green lighting random forum bullshit.

StanSmith2297d ago

Does he find the kitten? I MUST KNOW!!!!!

modesign2297d ago

thats the whole adventure, finding that kitty

BryanBegins2297d ago

To find out, you need to buy the DLC's though.

NEW-AGE2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Thanks Mario, peter griffen Made that Comment Soo Friggen Funny in my Head

AbhishekGIS2297d ago

This is not fair! I originally submitted this info.

Wintersun6162297d ago

It shouldn't have been let past the bulls#!t filter this time either.

The GTA V protagonist is Jack Thompson who lost his mind in the employment line and is now taking over the hottest business in SA, the hot dog business. The main villain is a marshallow-mutant who listens to dubstep and wants to destroy the hot dog business with the all new hot nyan-cats!

I'm the president of Slobodania and my spy pidgeons leaked this information to me. If this article was approved, I don't see why that freshly leaked rumour couldn't.

NEW-AGE2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

Pretty Sure thats Saint Row 3 Info

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