Dead Island interview: Open-endedness, combat, PS3 port and more

An ambitious, open-ended zombie action game, Dead Island is the latest title under development by the Polish studio that brought gamers Call of Juarez and Chrome.

To answer the most burning questions about Dead Island, Primotech noshed on the brain of the game's producer, Adrian Ciszewski.

Adrian Ciszewski answered the following questions:
- When production on Dead Island began and where the concept for the game came from?
- What sets Dead Island apart from other games (Dead Rising, Left4Dead)?
- What has the team learned from its recent titles like Call of Juarez?
- How open-ended is Dead Island, with regards to both gameplay and storyline?
- What kind of combat should we expect?
- Does the island have a day/night cycle and dynamic weather system? How do they affect gameplay?
- Should we expect multiplayer in any form?
- What platforms should we expect the game on?

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gamesblow3832d ago

Sounds like a Ps3 port is upon us.. but how poor will it be by time of release? Ps3 should be much easier to dev for by then so lets hope it's alright... I don't know about this one though. I think it looks a little weak. I guess I have Road to Fiddlers Green on my mind still, though. "trembles"

CNIVEK3832d ago

He only said it would be up to the publisher....NOTHING MORE. If, to you, that means "a PS3 port is upon us", then you might want to go back to 3rd grade. :o

Charlie26883832d ago

The guys tha brought us Call of Juarez?


cuz you cant F-CKING STOP One-Man-Army-Ray and Solid Billy Snake XD

Sam Fisher3832d ago

i read until i saw those words and just stoped reading ......sigh...... im not getting it even if it was for 2$ those 2$ can save ur life

dachiefsman3832d ago

I guess that is sarcasm or maybe it isn't....This game sounds pretty tight...kind of gives me the feel of Far Cry/Resident Evil.

Call of Jaurez was a decent game in my mind although it was short it was a good game to play. The west genre usually remains untapped but I thought it definitely was a solid rent.

moses3832d ago

This game looks great! :D, I can't wait till release!

Astro3832d ago

"PS3 port" LMAO, every developer uses the Xbox 360 as the lead machine.

Achievement Unlocked3832d ago

fangirls can't accept the truth

Naruto3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

LMAO 360 version is a port of the PC version

Cod4, Burnout , VF5, AC, UT3,and Kane and lynch isn't made as Xbox 360 as the lead machine


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The story is too old to be commented.