Skyrim Vs Zelda Skyward Sword Spike's Game of the Year 2011

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte responds to the claims made earlier this week by GamerFitNation's Editor in Chief BlackBible. "Recently this past week GamerFitNation's very own Blackbible made a video where he called out yours truly in a discussion about this year's game of the year possible winners. Well I've made a counter video because frankly, I just feel that he is wrong"

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xtheownerzx2358d ago

I knew you would enjoy the video LOL.

Drake1172357d ago

I like Zelda games and all but for ME Skyrim will be GOTY. The elder scrolls takes all the things i like about zelda(believable open world, character customization, exploration, immersiveness, and amazing amounts of content) to the next level. As i said i like Zelda games and ill prob buy it day 1, but Zelda has kinda been the same thing since Ocarina of time and i hate the Wii controls lol. Zelda will be liked and critically acclaimed no matter what direction they take it in since its Zelda and people seem to judge Zelda games on a separate scale than other games.

Relientk772358d ago

Game that isn't out yet Vs. game that isn't out yet




Still we got to play them many times. Plus hands on experience still gives you a good idea. Besides remember the VGA judges played them in advance as well.

pcz2357d ago

in ten years, twenty years time, which game will be remembered and still be played? Not skyrim.

Will even elder scrolls be remembered in 20 years time? No, so why is skyrim any different?

im not saying its not a great game, but zelda games truly are timeless, and enjoyable by EVERYONE. Skyrim is only for a certain audience.

zelda wins

2EHO2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

All I will say is Skyward Sword had been given the title as best zelda game by most reviewers. That's not easy to do beating out Oot. In my opinion Zelda should be the winner but skyrim will win because this gen is obsessed with HD graphics.

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