PlayStation Controller, Made of Gold and Diamonds

Made of 18k solid white gold and over 68.34ct of black diamonds, this is one impressive PlayStation controller pendant meant to be worn on a necklace. More photos are available at the Boy Genius Report.

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Crazyglues3954d ago

Just one question. Why? -and who in their right mind would wear a chain with a little playstation controller on it. -you would look like a complete clown.

Vip3r3954d ago

Anyone who has more money than sence and self respect.

soulhonda3954d ago

The only people I can see wearing that are those "Hip Gangsta Wannabees". It's cool that someone has the talent to make that kind of jewelry but really what person would want it?

neogeo3954d ago

I have a fmaily and lots of debt to pay off. If you have that around your neck you should be robbed.

lynx1halo3954d ago

Presented by Ken Kutaragi himself to the ULTIMATE PS3 FANBOY!!!!

Jamegohanssj53954d ago

It was me, that's how much I love Sony.


and that means they have a whole lot of money . you know what though i thought i love videogames and mind you im 30. But i was wrong .There are millions who love videogames more that i do to do this type of stuff. the worst i ever did was line up for a ps2 and paid $699 for a sega saturn on launch day .

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The story is too old to be commented.