Modern Warfare 3 PC: Amazing Graphics For HD 6950 and GTX 560 (Comparison)

Pinoytutorial: Who says graphics on Modern Warfare 3 (PC) looks disappointing if you have a machine running AMD HD 6950 or Nvidia GTX 560 video-card?

On this report, we'll be showing you why investing on a high-end Desktop PC for MW3 isn't as bad as others may think.

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DigitalAnalog2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

The engine can no longer be pushed that what it is originally intended. I'd bet anything the same DX9 rigs that could run the previous game(s) at MAX settings at 60FPS+ could do so the same with MW3.

ATi_Elite2444d ago

A Casio Calculator watch can run MW3 on max settings. This is not even news worthy.

They have been using the same engine almost as long as they have been using the same Grenade indicator.

Fez2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Remember when gaming was more about fun and gameplay than graphics and engines...

I've noticed recently with the BF3 vs. MW3 debate that the engines were brought up a lot more than gameplay. And this gen in general has been awful for nerds and their pixel counting.

ATi_Elite2444d ago

"Remember when gaming was more about fun and gameplay than graphics and engines..."

NOPE.... i don't ever remember that cause as long as I've been gaming as the graphics got the better the games got better.

If that was the case an Atari 2600 would still be connected to everyone's TV. Gameplay and Fun are still number one but Games require depth and a feeling of immersion and that can only come with improved graphics.

For example: Do you know why they colorize classic movies? So you can better appreciate the artwork of the movie. Sure it's a good movie in black n white but color just adds to the artistic quality of the film.

The Wizard of OZ is a perfect example of how Graphics can make a HUGE difference.

Fez2444d ago

"Remember when gaming was more about fun and gameplay than graphics and engines..."

MORE about fun and gaming. There was a time when this was true but not this gen. Obviously graphics need to improve for the games to get better but we all know that too much emphasis is put on graphics.

I would much rather people argued about the gameplay of their favourite games, why they love them so much and why they keep playing them over and over.

Now arguments begin and end with the graphics and every other article on here is a graphics comparison.

DigitalAnalog2444d ago

"Remember when gaming was more about fun and gameplay than graphics and engines..."

I still have my Wii and Mario Galaxy 2 has some of the best gaming design elements this gen that would most likely be topped off by Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Your move..

Fez2443d ago

One of the minority.

You know exactly what I'm talking about.

buckley2444d ago

Running MW3 on max settings looks ok. I had it running with no framerate drop on a dated E8400 dual-core processor, albeit with the GTX560Ti 2GB model video card.

Still, I've upgraded to an AMD Phenom X4, threw in some DDR3, and now I can run Battlefield 3 with max settings.

Playing one after the other isn't even fair. MW3 looks decent, but under no circumstances would I ever say that it has "Amazing Graphics" by today's standards.

maxmill2444d ago

why does it have to be the most demanding game for a rig people? It still looks great on PC and im sure ppl will mod it (if there are mods)

i wish they atleast made it 720p on console -_-

TheGameFoxJTV2444d ago

It's shit quality, and no. Mod = Free stuff. Activision doesn't do free.

CoryHG2444d ago

In this article, we'll show you why you should end your life if you think MW3 looks remotely close or is even is as close to as good as Battlefield 3. Buy MW3 on xbox. Drink your mountain dew.

SKUD2444d ago

Since its been looking the same since the initial MW. Now its just about how high the FPS is running beyond 60 frames and 1080.

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