A Pixelated History: “Call of Duty” from Inception to “Modern Warfare 3”

Even if you're a Battlefield 3 acolyte who can't stand what the Call of Duty series stands for, even YOU have to admit that Modern Warfare 3 is probably (pshh, DEFINITELY) going to be the biggest game of the year.

And while the series has had its bumps and jags along the way, it definitely deserves most of the props (and dividends) that it's gotten since its inception. It’s just been that good. But enough fawning from us. For your viewing pleasure, a history of video game warfare.

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DrRobotnik2416d ago

Both are very fun games. If I want to be a one man army for the day, I go with MW3. But when I want to just be tactical, I go with BF.