Epic refutes Gears of War 3 PC evidence

Gears of War 3 will not be released on PC, Epic Games has told Eurogamer.
"Gears of War 3 is an Xbox 360-exclusive game, period," a company spokesperson told us.

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Focus2143d ago

So much for that then. . .

ATi_Elite2143d ago

Windows 8 will bring the Xbox 360's entire library to the PC.

You heard it here first my fellow Gamers!

Focus2143d ago

Actually we've heard that a couple of times before

humbleopinion2143d ago

And every time it sounded just as stupid...

papashango2142d ago

Please explain to me as a pc gamer why I should look forward to crappy games that have already been rather look forward to newer unreleased games that won't be console ports like guild wars 2, or arma 3

ATi_Elite2142d ago

@ papashango

your statement is some what very true but not all console games are crappy.

Although i pretty much only play PC Exclusive Games.....titles like Red Dead Redemption and Gears 3 are a couple games i would like to play on my PC.

on the PS3 side Killzone, Uncharted, and GOW3 i would love to see in 1080p on my PC.

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Voxelman2143d ago

I probably wouldn't have gotten it anyway, I don't like skiping parts of the story in a series.

FlameHawk2143d ago (Edited 2143d ago )

Yeah the same reason I haven't bought Mass Effect 2 because it just doesn't feel right and even though it does tell the story for what happened in the first, its not the same as actually playing it. I do plan on buying a 360 so its all good.

Brownghost2143d ago

mass effect one was the best and always the best then 2 came out and it got toned down for casual gamers. You will love the game and series

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PieMonster2143d ago

I'm really disapointed that Epic has turned their back on the things that have made them famous - PC games and user created content.

The_Nameless_One2143d ago

You have to remember that there are other parties involved, mainly MS. I am sure Epic wants to bring Gears to the PC but it won't surprise me if MS are contractually preventing them. gears is a system seller and MS knows it and as such they are not wanting any other platform to have eve if it's on a platform that uses their OS.

PSX992143d ago

Did Epic recently say they were coming back to pc as their primary?

Laxman2143d ago

Actually, they've recently said PC is too big a risk to focus on becuase of illegal downloads.

Letros2142d ago

They said both, but most recently, PC is their new lead platform, lets see some games then Epic, people would eat up a F2P UT game.

Krakn3Dfx2143d ago

They're right, I totally bought Gears 3 used on Craigslist for $25 because I found out they were charging $10 for DLC already on the disc.

Yep, XBox 360 exclusive.

Grip2143d ago

lol every body now charge for 10$. at least u will got something the other games is for multiplayer!!!!

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