Mario Kart Wii U to use console's unique functions

Mario Kart producer Hideki Konno has spoken of his desire to create a Mario Kart Wii U game that uses the console's unique features.

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Khordchange2226d ago

The controller has motion controls so thats a given

Now how will they use the screen? Interesting question, maybe use it as a map screen or some sort. Lets hope they don't over do it

Shackdaddy8362226d ago

Once you get a green shell, you can aim it with the screen :)

ChickeyCantor2226d ago

And race at the same time?
Did you even think about your idea? XD

Shackdaddy8362225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Yes. You would have to turn the camera to steer while you're aiming. So you would be more accurate with the shell but it would make it difficult to drive

Titanz2226d ago

The item where the squid squirts his ink onto the affected player's screen, could cover the television screen, forcing the player to use the Wii Upad.

There's a lot of interesting concepts that can happen.

mike1up2226d ago

Call me casual but i am sticking with the wheel. But then again, back when Mario Kart Wii released i swore that i would never use the wheel.

Hicken2226d ago

To be honest, this should be expected.