Media Create: Uncharted 3 sees highest first week sales in series

Media Create has revealed first week sales for Uncharted 3, and the results are impressive, even beating out first week sales in the UK.

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Ddouble2444d ago

Golden Abyss should do well in Japan for the Vita after seeing this.

Abash2444d ago

Damn, Uncharted 3 is poised to be one of the highest selling PS3 exclusives ever

Prcko2444d ago

125k for japan Oo,impressive numbers!!!

Killman2444d ago

Now THIS is a series that deserves stellar sales.

FlashBack2444d ago

UK had lower numbers because of MW3, Japan doesn't do MW3

Knushwood Butt2444d ago

Having Harrison Ford in the ad campaign clearly didn't hurt either.

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