Media Create software sales (10/31 – 11/6)

Media Create has released a listing of the best-selling games from Japan. Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, and Super Mario 3D Land make their first appearances on the chart.

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Ddouble2323d ago

Great sales for Mario but Battlefield and Uncharted are very impressive.

FFXNo12323d ago

Good number for Uncharted and deserves them

browngamer42323d ago

Wow Mario is butt stomping the competition!

Protagonist2323d ago

PSP - Final Fantasy Type-0 Sales Last week 472.253.

Mario can go and suck an egg.

Great Uncharted is selling well in JP.

ronin4life2323d ago

You do realize that more people own a psp than a 3ds, right?
With a higher install base, of course a high profile game will sell alot.

browngamer42323d ago

Pretty come whenever a Nintendo fan gets excited about something you stupid ass Sony troll have to swoop in and try to Shit all over us? Cool a psp game sold well in Japan..the only region a psp game would sell well.

Protagonist2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )


A common misconception amongst Nintendo fans, is everytime someone answers back to a delusional arrogant comment ( "butt stomping the competition" ) with same arrogance, it is somehow trollling.

In this case even attacks me personally, by calling me a "stupid ass Sony troll".
That seems pretty ignorant, when starting with the line "Pretty mature..."


That is equivalent me asking you "do you realize that the earth is not flat ?"

Michael-Jackson2323d ago

Over 100,000 for Uncharted 3 is impressive.