FraggedNation MW3 Review

With the dust settling after all the Battlefield 3 hype, Modern Warfare 3's (MW3) time to step-up to the podium and deliver all the promises made, has come. Spear-headed by developers Infinity Ward along with the fresh-face on the development scene, Sledgehammer Games, Modern Warfare 3 was expecting to deliver on all fronts. From an immersive campaign that delivers a heart-stopping conclusion, to a vast multiplayer that revives the online experience for some mildly disappointed fans

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xxxAnubisxxx2418d ago

The multiplayer is so FAST... still not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing...

WolfLeBlack2418d ago

It very much comes down to personal opinion. The newer COD games are very much reaction based shooters. So far I've found that the pacing is actually closer to Black Ops tha Modern Warfare 2, which is fine by me as Black Ops was a touch slower than the others. Still quick, though.

DaveM2418d ago

I'd say the games a perfect balance between MW2's pace and Black ops pace. So far I'm enjoying it!

brown0092418d ago

The fast paced makes for fun exciting gameplay. Other than the boring slow shooter games. Love MW3.

DBLDeathDealer2417d ago

Still not a fan of the game. Great review though.

Fast reaction causes zero teamwork. You don't have time to think so it is impossible to play as a cohesive unit. Oh well, maybe the next one will get it right.