Diehard GameFAN: Dark Souls Review

DHGF: Dark Souls keeps true to the legacy of its predecessor by remaining an atmospheric, tough gaming experience while adding in new elements and content, and while it’s not without its missteps, it’s easily a worthwhile investment for the gamer who wants to punish themselves to prove their might. The story keeps things going without being intrusive, and the visuals and audio are ambient and play into the feel the game is going for nicely. The game takes some time to learn how to play, but rewards the time spent with success if you can work with it, and offers plenty of ways to adjust and learn even if you’re not very skilled. There are also plenty of options for those who want more than just the core experience, including a virtually endless New Game Plus option, multiple online play systems, and some rewarding and complex Achievements to earn for the dedicated player. Just because the game offers helping hands doesn’t mean that the game isn’t tough, and as a result, unfortunately, some parts are a good bit more challenging than others, which can throw you off a bit.

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garos822293d ago

extremely in DEPTH review very well written but i think those who will have not played it might struggle to get what you write. how you reviewed it is EXCACTLY as i experienced it and i loved every blooming second. All 406,800 of them :)