Why gamers shouldn't complain about Modern Warfare 3 being "similar"

Anyone who visits the Metacritic page of Modern Warfare 3 (on any platform) will find something unusual. Although the critics' scores all reach above 80, most 90, the user scores are considerably... lower. By far. Out of a potential 10, Modern Warfare 3 has a 2.1, a 2.5, and a 1.4 on its three consoles. This happened because of several hundred people giving the game incredibly low ratings, including 0's.

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Hufandpuf2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

"Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 were far more similar than any two games in the Modern Warfare series"

didn't buy L4D2 because it came out to early and it was too similar. And contrary to poular belief, Valve doesn't get shafted nearly as much for recycled games. Hell, most of them are HL2 mods, but they are excused because they rarely release anything in a pattern.

So don't call me a hypocrite on MW3 when other games follow the same pattern, I don't buy those either. AC: Revelations and Brootherhood, Didn't buy because they weren't as much of a leap from AC1 to AC2.

coolbeans2415d ago

Although you and I have the same opinion on that (except that I find the AC games to have a large enough leap to justify purchase), I think he's recognizing the majority, and not everyone in specific. Valve has done recycling as well this gen, and they'll hardly get as much backlash as IW has for Modern Warfare 3.

iamnsuperman2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

"Valve has done recycling as well this gen, and they'll hardly get as much backlash as IW has for Modern Warfare 3".

That is because it is cool to hate on COD. To be quite honest I enjoy COD games because they are easy to pick up and play and their single player is generally good because there is back story(MW series). I personally do not see why people hate on games. Its a little sad.

gcolley2415d ago

it has to do with sales. activision dont seem to spend much of the money that comes in. sales of one game just goes to shareholders, not back into development of sequels. when your game sells as much as cod the sequels are never an indication of the previous games' success

SoapShoes2415d ago

Why shouldn't gamers criticize it for being similar when every other game gets that treatment? LittleBigPlanet 2 was better than the first in every way but it got lower ratings because it was "similar" to the first one.

TheFreak2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Haters gonna hate. People on here love uc3 even when the mp has copied many elements from cod's mp, only made more noob friendly with that powerplay shit. Half of the uc3 maps are uc2 maps, but no reaction from people about that.

coolbeans2415d ago

Are they really? Despite that, uc3's mp should still be praised for delivering some ideas I've never seen in tps' mp games.

swishersweets200312415d ago

yeah just buy the game activision wants your money so shut up. Dont complain about outdated graphics, shit perk system, copy n paste maps from past COD games, Shit leader board system,connection drops, lag, quick scopers, overpower noob tubes, shit weapon sounds,support killstreaks

TheWolfSage2415d ago

You're right, don't complain about it, because those things are just problems that are in every goddamn game.

swishersweets200312415d ago

u mean problems in ever COD game.

TheWolfSage2415d ago

No, every game ever. Battlefield 3 has way more problems with their Multiplayer than CoD. Try shittier graphics than MW3, server hell since launch, party drops, connection issues, being dropped in the middle of matches, oversized maps that can make matches last 20+ minutes, game freezes, and the inability to drop out from a lobby.

At least Modern Warfare 3 has enough confidence in their game to manage their servers. Maybe not perfectly, but well enough that 9 million day 1 sales haven't caused half the issues Battlefield 3 has suffered from.

Tired2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Every game ever?

I Don't remember ANY of those being a problem in Heavy Rain, God of War, Singstar, Once upon a monster, Pac-man, Pong, the Sims, Hanna Montana, Monkey Island....the list is practically endless.

Are you sure your a gamer? Have you ever played a game besides COD?

edit* Sorry most of list was for amusement value...I have never played hanna montana.

Khordchange2415d ago

I think it's starting to lose it's luster to the game reviewers as well(not the people who buy the game of course)


Modern Warfare 1= 94
Modern Warfare 2= 91
Modern Warfare 3= 88

TheWolfSage2415d ago

The reviewer's isn't as drastic though, and I think this is a typical effect. Someone looks at a sequel and says "Yeah, this is good. The combat is better, the guns are better, there are more perks... but the first one was better."

This typically happens when massive, game-changing innovation (think Mass Effect 1-2) isn't implemented; nostalgia makes the first game seem that much better, just because it was all new content, even if overall it was worse.

gcolley2415d ago

the so called critics can't be trusted as much as user reviews. review scores are completely useless unless it is you doing the review. without reading the review content there is no way you can make any sense of the score for your own personal benefit. what annoys one person in a game doesn't always annoy another, and if it does it may still be lower down on the list of annoyances. so a website, such as metacritic, that presents an average of many review score is actually just giving us an average score of bullshit to begin with.

reading a few reviews is the only answer, and perfect case scenario for me would be no score at all to sway my decision. if they need to have a score, then put it at the end in the conclusion paragraph. this way i can skip it.

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