Skyrim v2.0 Patch Out Now

Gamers who have had got a chance to try out The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the PlayStation 3 have been greeted with an update.

It was recently announced that Skyrim would be receiving patch 1.1 on the 11/11/11. A Norwegian user who received their copy of the game today put in the disc and was greeted by patch 2.0 however. It is 58MB in size.

As proof that it is indeed patch 2.0, an image has been provided which is shown below (Source -!/PSNvi... and!/PSNvi...

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SnakeCQC2418d ago

i heard it adds the ability to mount and fly dragons of course only when you catch em all

MasterCornholio2418d ago

Like pokemon cool.

Err what kind of ball would you use to capture a dragon?


Tanir2418d ago

charizard!,......probably spelt that soooo wrong

SnakeCQC2418d ago

master ball and then force feed it rare candy lol i am soo going to learn how to mod and then do that so expect it for 2013

Blackdeath_6632418d ago

what is XperiaRay ? third time ive been confronted by it.

DatGladiatah2418d ago

I really hope this is true.

marichuu2418d ago

Kudos to Bethesda for this, whatever the patch does.
There have been critically bugged games on their release and no patch for a few weeks at least.