Dan Houser is not keen on 3D, are you?

IncGamers: Rockstar's man at the top says no one has figured it out yet.

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JsonHenry2419d ago

Its heading in the right direction. But I agree the tech/visuals seem to be an after thought for most people when applied in most games.

Some games you think would look great in 3D don't- like Uncharted 3 or Gears of War 3. Then some games you would not think to look good actually look great like Fallout New Vegas or Team Fortress 2.

pangitkqb2419d ago

Like Dan, I'm not keen on 3D either. Not opposed to those that are fans, however.

JsonHenry2419d ago

I think until 3D gets one or two set standards or it completely goes glassless it will never be more than a niche market.

nycredude2419d ago

It's only a niche market to people who can't afford it or don't buy it. To the people who has one it sure don't seem niche. I love playing shooters and GOW in 3d is awesome.

Plus almost every movie coming out these days are in 3d. It's here to stay whether you like it or not is up to you. Cant wait to see Harold and Kumar in 3d this winter. LOL

ReservoirDog3162419d ago

Harold and whatever gives the exact problem with 3d: it's immature. They feel we're stupid. They think we can't pay attention unless they throw stuff at us. Put aside the technical problems like how it makes the image blur or how it makes everything so dark or how it gives headaches or how it messes up little kid's eyes or how it's just generally stupid.

They think we're stupid because they want us to buy new tvs, expensive glasses, more expensive tickets and everything to watch things that are immature.

It died in the 50s, died in the 80s and may it die in the 2010s.

bumnut2419d ago

I love my Nvidia 3d setup, The Witcher 2, Dead Rising 2 & Just Cause 2 look amazing.

My friend can't see it though, so he is not keen on 3d :)

MasterD9192419d ago

Played Arkham Asylum in 3d and it was cool but in no way could I play for hours in 3d without getting a headache.

Still a ways to go but its always nice to have the 3d option.

I too imagine a day where 3d doesn't need glasses....

Felinox2419d ago

I think next gen when the consoles can handle 3d at full res and framerate then the devs will be able to really wow us. I love the 3d movies and games I've played. Makes me want a new tv.
I believe this is the hold up most people have is they bought a new HD TV the last 5 years and don't want to upgrade again.

Holeran2419d ago

Some of the current 3-d is great, other 3-d not so much.

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