Modern Warfare 3: Not so tactical on the wallet

The street date has finally arrived and copies of Activisions most anticipated title of 2011 are out in the wild. Sales are flying, with pre-orders the highest of any game ever. It’s all good and well but what is going on with the absurdly high sales price in South African stores?

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Tachyon_Nova2442d ago

Probably to account for all the copies that will be stolen. What, can't I say that?

darx2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )


Information Minister2442d ago

The pricing scheme for MW3 in my country is also really strange. The PS3 version retails for 55€, making it cheaper than the PC version which sells for 60€ and the Xbox 360 version that costs 70€. Why such a large price gap between PS3 and 360?

It's also really weird that in some stores, COD4 is more expensive than Modern Warfare 3. Not that I'm complaining, cheaper games in good news in my book.

thaiboy2442d ago

I understand that it must be difficult to get the games to be exactly the same prices in every country but a 63% difference is just crazy.

It works out cheeper to buy it on and ship it to South Africa rather than take a trip down the road and buy it in a local store.