NiGHTS team prefer Gamecube pad to Wii-mote

Gamesradar writes:

"We sat down with the boss of Sonic Team USA, Takashi Iizuka, at the Wii Flat in London yesterday to quiz him on his new game, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams on Wii - and he revealed an interesting fact about the game's development. Turns out that of all the four control methods available, the development team all play the game using Gamecube controllers."

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mighty_douche3764d ago

isnt that the same as saying..."N!gHTS team prefer GameCube over Wii"?

Astro3764d ago

That game is going to be fantastic according to the latest 1UP yours.

Brainiac 83764d ago

It's just like the DS, using the motian sensing does not have to be the definitive control style all the time. SSBB and Nights will be better with the cube controller in my opinion.

It's just like Contra 4 for the DS, it doesn't use the stylus during play at all, but it is a super awesome Kick you in the nuts game.

Wii60PS3DSPSP3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Sigh... I'm expecting a retarded fanboy comment saying Wii is just a Gamecube soon.

Imalwaysright3764d ago

The Wii is just a Gamecube ;)

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