Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3 - The final verdict [BeefJack]

BeefJack: "Right. Both games are out now. Can we stop with the silly PR wars?

I mean, okay, so we’re adding fuel to the fire with pieces like this. But they started it, miss! The war of words that’s waged this year has been almost unprecedented in gaming – the sort of bickering we’re used to seeing between rival boxers, or between Blur and Oasis in the ’90s (ah, remember the days?).

So let’s settle this argument once and for all. Which is better: Battlefield 3, or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?"

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fluffydelusions2110d ago

I like both games for different reasons. Really liking the new kill confirmed mode in MW3.

Blastoise2110d ago

Its interesting, but i prefer the new team defender mode. Bit more teamwork

papashango2109d ago

Without reading the article I'm gonna guess the verdict was each has its own strengths and weaknesses, plays to different people. Pretty much the generic response

Brosy2109d ago

I feel cheated. Beefjack ain't got the stones to call a winner.

Trunkz Jr2110d ago

What? How can there be a final verdict, this is a Coke vs Pepsi or Cats vs Dogs kinda thing, it will go on forever.

Elite-uk2109d ago

its pretty much a copy of tdm in crysis 2 tbh.

chriski3332109d ago

I have both like both but battlefield wins my heart

Impaler2109d ago

Kill confirmed was the basis of Crysis 2's MP so it is nothing new.

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shaun mcwayne2110d ago

im finished with cod. ill play bf3 and the new halos till something new appears.

The Meerkat2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

I had forgotten about HALO CE, I ordered it so long ago.

raWfodog2110d ago

I love how BeefJack thinks this will solve things in the fanboy war of words over these two titles. Haters will always hate, lovers will always love. Let's move on to the next one already and just enjoy whatever you picked up.

Fishy Fingers2110d ago

They're not trying to resolve anything, just another easy comparison to get a few easy clicks.

Comparisons aren't posted to try and help the community settle anything, usually the opposite in fact.

MysticStrummer2110d ago

There is no final verdict. They are two different games appealing to two different crowds, with some people who like both. I'm a Battlefield type, but my little brothers are way into CoD/MW. BF3 has a brand new engine, but on consoles it doesn't look much different from the BC games. MW3 is using graphics from MW1, so it's arguably MW1.75, but many people love the arcade gameplay. Buy what you and your friends like. If you like both, buy both. This reminds me of the old "Star Wars or Star Trek?" question.

JsonHenry2110d ago

Well, I've bought and played every CoD game since the first one. I MUCH PREFER BF3 to MW3. But so many of my family/friends are going to be playing MW3 instead that if I want to play with them I have to play MW3.

It isnt that I think MW3 is a bad game. I just prefer BF3 game mechanics over MW3.

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