How do you Re-imagine Syndicate? - IncGamers

IncGamers: We talk about co-op, how to stand out in the FPS market and what elements of the original will return.

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Jocosta2264d ago

Strictly as a PC game, not a console FPS.

No_Pantaloons2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

"But if we were to simply re-skin the original game in high-def then you’d probably get an equal amount of backlash."

NO, you wouldn't. Tell that to the fans of FF7 or DX1, cause a rm with no changes but the graphics would fly off the selves.
Not to mention there's a huge difference between tweeking an old game and completely changing it. Getting rid of the top down view for FPS is not a tweek, it's a completely different gameplay style. Adding classes and XP, again is not updating anything, its completely different.

And last of all "the co-op campaign is completely separate from the single player experience." That right there spits in the face of anyone who loved the old games.

This is yet another completely original game trying to cash in by stealing a popular brand name. I'm not saying it cant be a decent game, but advertise it for what it is cause it sure isn't anything related to syndicate.