No Matter Which Dark Souls Character You Play, You Will Die a Lot

Kotaku: "Sure," Dark Souls whispers to you in the dark, "you've got your Modern Warfare and your Legend of Zelda. But I'm not going anywhere." This game is designed to be played, mastered, and played again far after its launch date.

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Tanir2263d ago

yep, loved the game so much! loved dying! its a learning experience and forces you to tackle things differently if one approach failed

icewater852263d ago

I beat this game 3 times now and I died so much that I know most of the stage layouts by heart.

TopDudeMan2263d ago

I only beat it once, but I'll go back and try different setups. For anyone deliberating playing as a pure hunter- don't do it.

ViciousHamster2263d ago

I wouldn't buy a game like this ever.
I just don't get fun out of frustration.

RustInPeace2263d ago

There's a difference between the frustration this game causes VS the frustration from a game like CoD. Dark Souls is tough so once you get the hang of what to do it feels WAY more rewarding and gives a sense of accomplishment, whereas shooting your 100,000th enemy.... doesn't. Killing something 20X your size that's wielding a giant sword or lopping off a Hydras multiple heads is a bit more entertaining than killing/getting killed by someone using a sniper rifle like a pistol.