Alien Soldier Review (IGN): 8/10

If you took IGN's advice, downloaded Gunstar Heroes and loved it, you'll very likely also like Alien Soldier.

This is a game that plays very much like Gunstar Heroes, and finds appeal in much the same way – it's a side-scrolling action/shooter with tons of explosions, enemies, weapon types and maneuvers, and lots and lots of huge, impressive bosses to face off against. It was also developed by Treasure, so it was a follow-up to Gunstar in many ways.

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MK_Red3884d ago

I LOVED this game back on Genesis. It was a huge boss fest and all of them were unique and fun. I always love it's many different HUD options. Hope they make a 3D HD sequel to this. Imagine how cool so many unique bosses would look with power of PS3 / 360.