Why Modern Warfare 3 offends me

OXM UK's Mike writes: "What was genuinely surprising in CoD4 now feels staid and tired."

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TrevorPhillips2267d ago

Then don't play it, end of discussion :)

Septic2267d ago

Read the article please before making vague and irrelevant statements.

I agree with the author.

COD4- The Nuke scene- that was genuinely surprising, memorable and powerful scene. You could control your character but not it was all futile, your death was inevitable. I remember playing that and struggling with the concept, thinking, 'hold up- I can control my character but I can't change anything- I'm still going to die.'

The whole scene was set brilliantly, a huge mushroom cloud, an eerie silence apart from the heavy beating of the heart and the controller vibrating in tandem. It was completely unique for its time.

COD MW2- You boot up the game and before you begin there is an option to pick whether or not you want to skip mature content- this repeats to make confirm your choice. You think, hold on, this is new and your interest is piqued.

A controversial yet genius move I think- the sense of discomfort yet change of pace in gameplay was brilliant. Your objective? Kill everyone. It felt wrong and it took a while to realise that, hold on, this is virtual world and I do worse things in the GTA games. However, it was a memorable scene and dare I say, liberating in the sense that you felt free, albeit for a moment, from the shackles of traditional gaming rhetoric. This was different- you were playing the other side and all you really had to do was press the right trigger.

COD MW3- The same option appears. Why? There is a strong sense of utilising violence for violence's sake. The scene itself is uninspired and trite- a cutscene of innocents getting blown up after appearing to be happy moments before- a technique used to death in movies and one where you are a spectator only- you don't even have the illusion of control.

OXM say: "I half wonder if the decision was even theirs. After all, if you were an Activision exec you'd be lobbying hard for something that would earn extra column inches in the tabloids. "

I reckon that that is actually what happened.

Modern Warfare 3 offends me- not my sensibilities, but my intelligence.

RaptorGTA2266d ago

Couldn't agree with you more. The nuke scene in cod 4 was shocking. I remember sitting there going "they seriously killed me? Wtf!" I thought there was some hope id survive..but nope.

guitarded772266d ago

Everyone knows 90% of n4g users are illiterate... you can't expect them to do things like "read". That's why you have to put pics with massive cleavage to get hits.

dragon822266d ago

I thought the last "Ghost" scene in MW2 was on those lines too. It was unexpected and shocking.

kingofhalo20502266d ago

your display pic offends me :D