5 Reasons Not To Buy Skyrim

George Reith writes: "I in no way agree with this sentiment, but there is definitely worth in playing devil’s advocate here and there (that and I’m not given artistic liberty on article titles, but that’s a story for another time.) Regardless of your affiliation with Bethesda’s Elder Scroll’s series, this November is going to be a crowded month for gaming, so it might be worth considering the following reasons why you may want to hold off on that purchase of Skyrim when it launches on the 11th."

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Pikajew2262d ago

People who are not buying it dont like the Elder Scroll series. The people who buy it like them.

MariaHelFutura2261d ago

Personally. I think alot of people who havent played an ES game before will be trying out Skyrim.

Xenial2261d ago

I am, this will be my first time playing an ES game and buying a RPG. Usually go with shooters, puzzlers, stealth, and tactical games but Skyrim (from what i've seen) looks amazing.

Asthenos2261d ago

Well Skyrim essentially has all of those in one way or another

tocrazed4you2261d ago

Here are the five reasons.

1. You don't have a console/PC

2. Your an idiot.

3. Your mentally challenge.

4. Your too busy with other games like Uncharted 3, MW3, BF3, and etc.

5. Your broke from getting all the previous games mentioned above.

(Not the actual website reasons)

TrevorPhillips2262d ago

I love Skyrim, cannot wait this Friday!! :D

Bigpappy2262d ago

99 reason should be banned from the internet:

Dumb; stupid; looking for cheap hits;...

Pro_TactX2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Don't bother reading it people. You will just waste two minutes of your life. Just click +, then WTF?, then NO. How this website still has a star and a half rating I will never understand.

MasterCornholio2261d ago

Ever since I saw the PS3 version I will get this game.


Zynga2261d ago

Really? A crapping quality you post and at the same time you block me. Thanks for proving my point >_>

MasterCornholio2261d ago

I blocked you? Oh im sorry I didn't mean too anyways you haven't proven anything yet. And the only way to find out the truth is to count the pixels. Anyways I unblocked you.

Anyways I have to admit that you calling the PS3 version of skyrim crap and unplayable seemed a little like a comment a troll would make.


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The story is too old to be commented.