Final Fantasy XIII ‘not a mistake’ says XIII-2 developer

gamesTM: Square Enix defends its past creative choices, while defending new ones in the upcoming sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2.

“We generally don’t feel XIII was a mistake or that we made a mistake with it,” Motomu Toriyama, director and scenario designer on both Final Fantasy XIII and its sequel, XIII-2, has told gamesTM. “We don’t put it that way. Our goal with XIII was telling a good story with a lot of human drama and that was achieved. Because we wanted to introduce a new battle system that was completely new to the series – Paradigm Shifts and things like that – so in order to get it across to the player, it did require a much longer tutorial, which was criticised for being linear and whatever.

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wicko2295d ago

I respectfully disagree. Battle system took everything fun away from what Final Fantasy is, and character/story was just god awful. Only likeable character was Sazh, and he had a fro with a chocobo living in it.

papashango2295d ago

I disagree also it probably wasn't a mistake. But it did end up being a joke.

Keith Olbermann2295d ago

I liked the battle system. Everything else sucked.

2295d ago
McLuvn2295d ago

Good game, not the best FF, not the worst.

Reibooi2295d ago

I liked Final Fantasy XIII. I will agree it certainly had some issues not the least of which was how liner it was until you got to Gran Pulse. That said the game had very strong character driven drama. While the story itself may be weak the characters like em or hate them do grow throughout the story and by the end they are not the same people you started with.(whereas past FF games had a really solid story but the characters didn't really change all that much over the course of the story)

I also loved the battle system. There are those that say all the fun was taken away and it was to easy and all you had to do was press the same button over and over and it's clear that those people never bothered with the incredibly difficult and varied extra bosses unlocked after you beat the game. This bosses can never be taken down by spamming attack button and having the game do what it thinks it needs to. You need to manually do pretty much everything to have a chance at all of beating them and the same is true for getting the 5 star on all of the Hunts as well.

Again I know FFXIII had issues and it's far from my favorite FF but it wasn't a mistake by any means. Considering the somewhat troubled dev cycle it had I am surprised it didn't come out far worse then it did.

Wintersun6162295d ago

The biggest issue with FFXIII for me was that not only did you lose control of where you went, you also had very little control over what the other two team mates did in battle. Also the weapon upgrade system and crystarium we're linear as hell too. After the awesome FF XII with it's difference ways of doing stuff this was the biggest flaw with FF XIII. Aside from linearity and lack of different things to do, the game was pretty good.

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The story is too old to be commented.