Modern Warfare 3 PC: Much better image quality without console upscaling

A website found out that PC version of Modern Warfare 3 may look MUCH better if you don't use the "extra" image quality offered in the graphics options. In previous CoD titles this setting ensured the best possible graphics. In MW3 this setting will upscale the image so that the textures look blurry.

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CrimsonEngage2413d ago

Mmmmmmmmmm noooooopee... I'm not seeing it...

Adexus2413d ago

I think you must be blind.

Bereaver2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Wow, yeah, I just tried it and it looks much better.

Well I mean, it still looks like MW3 but it's a pretty big improvement in some parts.

JonahNL2413d ago

Holy ****! This actually worked! It definitely explains why my GPU usage was so darn low.

MaxMurdoch2413d ago

wow thats a pretty significant difference. Thanks for sharing.